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Ground-Breaking Court Rulings Open Floodgates for Mis-Sold Timeshare Claims

In 2015, the Supreme Court made ground-breaking judgments on Mis-Sold Timeshare, ordering the Timeshare Group ANFI of Gran Canaria to pay a full refund of €40,000 to a customer.

This landmark legal victory, and the wave of similar Court judgments against Anfi, Club La Costa, Pueblo Evita/Richvale and many other Timeshare Resorts/Groups that have followed (including a recent, record refund of €53,000) have set a series of important legal precedents and mean that a potentially high proportion of Timeshare contracts were mis-sold and are not valid due to:

  • Breaches of the Timeshare Regulations of 1999
  • Deposits paid or Finance agreed within the cooling-off period
  • Illegal practices in upgrade or “trade-in” transactions
  • Contracts of 50 or more years, or “In Perpetuity”
  • Illegal “Floating Weeks” contracts
  • Mis-selling of finance (e.g. Shawbrook, Hitachi, Barclays…)

Now is the time to find out your rights and see if you also qualify to claim you money back. So please complete the short Timeshare Release Wizard form now and find out your options.

We are especially keen to hear from customer involved with the following Timeshare schemes: Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts, RCI, Anfi, Silverpoint, Petchey/MGM/Infiniti, MacDonald Resorts, Marriott, Wimpen Leisure

"Freedom! Thank you Timeshare Release. After a harrowing few years at long last someone has managed to get us free from Silverpoint. Once again thank you."

MR & MRS F - Silverpoint

We receive hundreds of enquiries from Timeshare owners each week.

A selection of recent comments from other Timeshare owners who have contacted us for help:

24th August 2017 – Mr L – Anfi Beach Club

“I was Invited to Anfi by a gentleman in a booth during a family holiday. I went to have a look and I was impressed. They offered to accommodate us for the remaining 4 days of our holiday. During that time, I was constantly pressured into buying. I received bad news during that period as my nephew died in his sleep at 13 years old. In the emotional state I was in, I signed the agreement. 2 years later my business suffered due to a client going bust. I asked Anfi if they would take the contract back and keep all monies including my deposit. They said no and I need to set up a new agreement as I missed one or two payments. I have been once and don't find it value for what I was promised.”

23rd August 2017 - Mr S - Macdonald Lochanhully Resort

“After a presentation in Dunfermline and Portugal, I signed for holiday points with Sunterra, which was upgraded to more points a year later. Holiday availability never as promised and as very poor. Purchased DWVC to relieve ourselves of ownership of Diamond. This was a scam along with cashback product. Had no holiday with Diamond for 14 years and require legal termination of contract.”

20th August 2017 - Mr & Mrs S - CLC Fractional

“We didn't realise when we signed it was for perpetuity, and that it would/could be passed onto our children. We didn't realise that timeshares would be so difficult to sell. We attended an all-day presentation, there was a lot of information, too much information, and we felt pressured to sign the agreement inmediately. With the benefit of hindsight, we feel that the points presented were opinions of the sales team as opposed to facts and therefore misrepresented. We were led to believe that our ownership would increase in value and we would see a return on investment. We have found that access to the standard of quality of property expected and also the availability is well below what was represented/promised.”

14th August 2017 - Mr & Mrs A – Silverpoint / Hollywood Mirage Club

“We first came into contact with the company when they invited us to spend a week at the Hollywood Mirage complex in 2014 for a nominal sum. We were told we would be required set aside time for ‘a presentation’ while we were there. In May 2014 we went out and duly spent our week at the Hollywood Mirage in a studio flat. On Wednesday 7th May we were collected at 9.30am and then spent 7 hours in the Silverpoint offices at the resort. Three sales people, Alex, Stefan and Mark, were employed to put the pressure on in different ways until we were finally convinced and bought a deal that offered us 50,000 points. As soon as we said we wanted time to go away and think about it the pressure increased. In the end, we had to sign on the dotted line and part with the money while we were there in Tenerife. I think it’s important to say how clever the sales people are. They are warm, friendly, relaxed, interested in you… They share stories of how they’ve been holidaying with Silverpoint for years and are having a marvellous time. You get the sense that all the other people sitting at tables in the room were buying more points or properties because they’re so thrilled with the deal. (I now suspect the truth was rather different). We were wined and dined to celebrate the deal and you feel special, and clever for having found such a wonderful bargain. I wrote in my diary: “It gives us holidays all over the world, however we want to spend the points. Once we began to try and use the product by spending points, the problems began.”