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In 2015, the Supreme Court made ground-breaking judgments on mis-sold timeshare, ordering the timeshare group ANFI of Gran Canaria to pay a full refund of €40,000 to a customer.

This landmark legal victory, and the wave of similar court judgments against Anfi, Club La Costa, Pueblo Evita/Richvale (and many other timeshare resorts/groups) that have followed, has set a series of important legal precedents.European Claims Centre has helped thousands of timeshare owners succesfully claim against their timeshare resorts.

The most common issues inlcude:

  • Breaches of the Timeshare Regulations of 1999
  • Deposits paid or Finance agreed within the cooling-off period
  • Illegal practices in upgrade or “trade-in” transactions
  • Contracts of 50 or more years, or “In Perpetuity”
  • Illegal “Floating Weeks” contracts
  • Mis-selling of finance (e.g. Shawbrook, Hitachi, Barclays…)

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European Claims Centre is especially keen to hear from customer involved with the following Timeshare schemes: Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts, RCI, Anfi, Silverpoint, Petchey/MGM/Infiniti, MacDonald Resorts, Marriott, Wimpen Leisure

"Freedom! Thank you Timeshare Release. After a harrowing few years at long last someone has managed to get us free from Silverpoint. Once again thank you."

MR & MRS F - Silverpoint

We receive hundreds of enquiries from Timeshare owners each week.

A selection of recent comments from other Timeshare owners who have contacted us for help:

28th October 2017 - Mrs Pauline H - Diamond Resorts

"Originally GVC member, now Diamond Resorts wishing to get out..."

27th October 2017 - Mr Graham M - Seasons

"We were sold this Timeshare in 2002 and not told the truth about what weeks we could go and how many people we could take. Also not sure if we paid PPI on the loan."

27th October 2017 - Ms Sharon F - CCL/Club La Costa

"My parents brought into Club la Costa and have been conned. I want to help get them out of it."

20th October 2017 - Mt Thomas T, London - Anfi Beach Club, Gran Canaria

"Hi there, I have a timeshare with Anfi and my business is suffering a severe reduction in work. I was told I could put the timeshare on hold but still use it if I paid and now they're telling me that isn't possible and was a lie."